Build web, mobile and IoT apps on a limitless development platform

A suite of back and front-end turn-key building blocks for any business need of any size.


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APIs for everything

Sick of working within inflexible, monolithic frameworks? Our platform is future-proofing your devleopment lifecycle, whether developing web, mobile or IoT apps.

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Pay for usage model

PlatformOS handles all the dev ops so you can bring increasing value to your clients. Only pay for infrastructure usage (database objects utilization, bandwidth, number of domains, SSL) for any client site.

Powerful Performance

Proven technology

Currently running hundreds of sites and marketplaces and in use by Intel, Hallmark, LogMeIn and DB Schenker.

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Revenue opportunities

Build custom dev projects for clients, Manage your own partners or resellers or Sell SaaS apps and modules in the pOS marketplace.

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Scalable + Extensible

Docker, Post Gres, REDIS, Elastic Search, Graph QL, Liquid Markup, Load balanced SSL server infrastructure.

Actionable analytics


pOS has built a highly engaged global community of thousands of world-class developers who build for the worlds leading brands, start-ups and everything in between.


Become a PlatformOS partner
See which Partner Type is best for your business (you can be more than one type)
SaaS Development Partner (I build SaaS apps)
UX/UI Development Partner (I build websites)
Marketplace Partner (I sell services)
We have a dedicated, highly technical team
We build SaaS apps and want to sell them on the pOS marketplace
We want to manage other, less technical, partners
We manage websites for customers
We'd like a technical partner to help us manage customers
We're more design/creative focused
We have other services/products we'd like to sell on the pOS marketplace


I first heard of PlatformOS through a Shareable newsletter. It was perfect timing because I was in the process of finding someone to build my marketplace but hadn't found anyone that I felt confident with at that point. After my initial consultation with PlatformOS I knew I had found my people! It was refreshing to speak with people who were passionate about the sharing economy, had a complete understanding of what I needed for my marketplace and could do it for a fair price.

Hayley Kyte Pat Me

The people behind PlatformOS are intelligent, creative, skilled, and dedicated professionals who realize the potential of the emerging collaborative economy.


There are lots of clones and companies willing to build you a platform, but, as the owner of a marketplace over half of your time is spent simply managing the website. With PlatformOS managing the website, I am able to focus on my marketplace.


PlatformOS has allowed us to focus on the design and more importantly our go to market strategy, rather than having the hassle of maintaining a website.


Working with PlatformOS has enabled us to simplify our Technology dependencies and has allowed us to focus on what really matters: our content (moorings and berths listing) and our end-users (i.e. mooring and boat owners).

Alberto Simongini Make Fast Mooring



Create any kind of data structure to solve any kind of business problem.

Automatically indexed by Elastic Search.

Supporting any front-end framework you prefer. EG, Node JS, React, Foundation, etc. No creative constraints.

GraphQL supported natively. Build your own APIs!

Payment gateway with Stripe, Paypal, and many others.

Build workflows to integrate email, text and 3rd party APIs.

Comprehensive documentation and community support.